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About Us

Pat & Kim at the OfficeBlue Sky is a family owned real estate business located in Sykesville, Pa. Patrick H. Mowrey and Kim E. Mowrey are a brother and sister team who are the managers of Blue Sky. Their late father, Harry L. “Hap” Mowrey was the founder of the family business which started in 1954.

The Mowrey’s have always attempted to conduct business in a fair and professional manner. Call them at 814-894-2471 if you would like to purchase a house or land parcel.

The Mowrey’s’ motto is: “Real estate is the best investment that you can make!”


We require $1,300 down payment. You’ll pay monthly payments to us which will easily suit your budget! Financing terms are available up to 30 years. The only closing cost that you will pay is the $1,300.00. (applied to the clerical fee and annual liability insurance).

Our family offers comprehensive services and a personal touch that can’t be matched. In one day, we can process your down payment and close the sale so you can begin to enjoy the beautiful property of your dreams.